Alec Wigdahl

Singer/songwriterAlec Wigdahl is a truly fearless artist, with little inhibition about sharing his most painful feelings.Often accompanied only by his subtle acoustic guitar work or nuanced piano melodies, the 19-year-old Minnesota native delivers sharply detailed songs that resonate on a universal level.

Based in L.A. but originally from outside Minneapolis, Wigdahl took up songwriting at the age of 15, initially using music as a form of therapy. After teaching himself o play guitar by watching videos of his favorite musicians, he put out a self-produced EP called On My Mind his senior year of high school. Upon graduating he headed to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, but quickly dropped out and returned home to enroll at the University of Minnesota, compelled to continue with his D.I.Y. approach to music. Those instincts proved to be right on target when the Internet Money team reached out to Wigdahl after discovering his songs on social media. By the end of last summer, Wigdahl had signed his deal with 10K Projects, and soon set to work on Strawberry – released December 2019, the EP showcasesAlec’s stripped-down sonic palette.

Alec kicks off 2020 with a brutally honest but infectious new single called “Cologne,”which finds the 19-year-old artist taking on a more beat-driven and dynamic pop sound — a perfect backdrop to his airy vocals and romantically tortured lyrics.Produced by Wigdahl along with Internet Money founder Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, and OkTanner,“Cologne” marks a major departure from Strawberry. Despite its more elaborate production, “Cologne” offers up the same raw emotion that Wigdahl has always brought to his songwriting. As Wigdahl explains, that fearless honesty ultimately serves as a vehicle for personal connection.

“I love the kind of songs that are incredibly specific to the artist’s life, but when you listen it hits you right in the chest — almost like it’s happening to you,” says Wigdahl. “In my own music I try to be as personal and vulnerable asI possibly can, so that everyone can feel like the song was made for them. I want them to feel like I’m narrating their story at the same time that I’m narrating mine.”

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