With the release of his 2019 debut EP Chapter 1: In Betweenin’, 17-year-old AUSTN introduced the world to his powerful vocal range and deeply heartfelt songwriting. A self-driven artist who got his start sharing his impromptu performances on Instagram—and quickly amassed a passionate fanbase—the Oregon continued his rise to global fame with the EP’s infectious title track (now at over 40.9 million streams on Spotify). Newly signed to 10K Projects, AUSTN is gearing up to deliver his sophomore EP, a body of work that reveals his incredible growth as a singer and songwriter.

Originally from rural Central Oregon, AUSTN began singing asa small child. His vocal chops are especially striking considering that, for the first four years of his life, AUSTN struggled with significant hearing problems that led him to respond to vibrations and rhythms rather than sound —an issue stemming from the fact that the tubes in his ears had closed at birth.After undergoing surgery to restore his hearing, AUSTN kept up with singing, eventually learning to play ukulele and posting massively popular videos in which he performed everywhere from basements to public parks. As he built up a major following, AUSTN moved to L.A. and fully devoted himself to music, quickly finding management and releasing Chapter1: In Betweenin’ in May 2019. With the title track landing on coveted playlists across Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music, AUSTN was soon featured on Amazon Music’s 2019 Artists To Watch list.

Due out in May, AUSTN’s upcoming EP showcases his more sophisticated sensibilities and alt-pop-leaning sound on tracks like“Phases” (a sweet and soulful reflection on the fast-changing stages of love)and “Take It All Back” (a dreamy mid tempo confession of post-breakup regret). NamingJulia Michaels among his main inspirations, AUSTN ultimately brings a far greater depth to his songwriting, exploring a whole world of emotions as he draws from his recent experience in life and love. “At this point in my lifeI’m becoming an adult and having to deal with real-life feelings and relationships, so these songs represent my honest thoughts about things I’ve been through—both good and bad,” says AUSTN. “I hope when people hear the EP it inspires them to live a little, take some chances, and don’t be afraid to figure out the mystery of love.”

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