Lil Boom

From the murky corners of Internet rap, American rapper and producer Lil Boom crafts raunchy and humorous rhymes to goad and offend. Hailing from Florida, Boom sticks to topics like anime, basketball, and pop culture, crafting often-foul and explicit tracks. He debuted in 2016 with a series of singles like "Fuck Steph Curry," "Fuck Taylor Swift," and an unofficial sequel to Lil B's Kevin Durant diss track, "Fuck KD 2." Flexing his meme-muscle, he also issued "RIP Harambe" and "Caillou," an ode to children's television, the latter of which received 2.8M views on YouTube. Early mixtapes like Namek and State Road 438 were followed by Who Is Lil Boom, which included an extended version and sequel to his Steph Curry viral sensation. Lil Boom is also known for his presence on Instagram where he has amassed 512K followers and often creates viral memes.

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