WizTheMc was born in Cape Town, South Africa at the beginning of 1999. Two years later he moved with his mother and brother to Lüneburg, Germany. As the story goes, Wiz and his homies became excited at the possibility of doing music for real and formed the collective NOHOMES in the summer of 2015. Summer moved on, the excitement of the group did as well and everybody went back to living their lives. Wiz stayed on the path, finding himself alone in his room unable to stop writing lyrics and freestyling. He quickly realized that he had found the thing that made him feel the most connected and started working. 2016 saw Wiz eager to show the world what he had begun to create but the idea of a native German rapping in English was weird in his immediate surroundings. He decided to go overseas to tune into how people in an English speaking part of the world would receive him and his music. Toronto was the choice of destination. He spent two years in one of Canada’s cultural hubs vibing with local artists, tapping into the pulse of the city and developing his approach. Early 2019, Wiz moved back to Germany, to the artistic capital of Berlin. Where he goes from here is unknown but the music just keeps getting better and better.

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