CheRomani+, now known as “che,” is a 16-year-old musician from Atlanta, Georgia. His influences range all the way from Chief Keef to newer underground artists like Izaya Tiji. Artists similar to Che in the scene are BabySantana, SoFaygo and Rich Amiri. With cultivating his fanbase first on Tiktok in 2021, Che had a quick rise to fame within the underground scene. With his viral TokTok songs like “agenda”, “The Final Agenda”, and “euphoria” in early 2022, all garnering millions of streams across platforms, and only 14 songs out, Che and his fans alike are hungry for the release of new music and performances. He plans to release a project in late July titled “closed captions”. This project has been in the works for over a year and is so heavily desired by his fanbase that the original version had been leaked in late 2022. Over the course of these past couple months, with no DSP drops, Che's been introducing his new sound through his archive soundcloud as well as music videos. While taking this hiatus to perfect his project and sound, Che’s monthly streams have been averaging 2.2-2.6M. Proving that although there hasn't been any newer releases, his fans are still intrigued and starving for new music.