Chezile (pronounced “Che-zill”), a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is gaining popularity with his viral psychedelic indie-pop hit single “Beanie” and has fast tracked the artist to 1.6 Million Monthly Listeners in just over 1.5 months. With raw emotion and infectious vibes, "Beanie" has skyrocketed to the zenith of Spotify and TikTok's global viral charts, igniting a frenzy among fans craving authentic musical experiences. With the release of his project "47," Chezile unveils his mastery as a lyricist, weaving tales of life's intricacies into poetic masterpieces. His music transcends mere melodies; it's a profound narrative of his journey, inviting listeners to delve into the depths of his experiences and emotions. In a world craving authenticity, Chezile emerges as a luminary, a beacon of unfiltered expression and artistic integrity. As he continues to captivate hearts and minds, Chezile stands poised to redefine the boundaries of music, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.