Dro Kenji

Dro Kenji’s rapid ascent from a high school senior in South Carolina to a rising star is a testament to the internet's power. Now signed to Mira Touch/Internet Money Records/10K Projects, the 19-year-old artist prepares to release his debut album, collaborating with platinum-certified producers. Raised in Summerville, South Carolina, Dro Kenji's music reflects the apathy and aspiration of his generation, blending influences from classic hip-hop to the lo-fi sounds of rap's online underground. Inspired by DIY recordings on SoundCloud, he began making music in high school, evolving his sound to reflect his melodic sensibilities. After gaining traction with mixtapes like "Introvert," Dro Kenji caught the attention of Internet Money A&R, leading to a move to Los Angeles and collaborations with hitmaker Nick Mira. His debut album, "Eat Your Heart Out," explores themes of leaving home and living fast, resonating with a young audience navigating similar experiences. Through his music, Dro Kenji fearlessly shares his soul, connecting with listeners on a profound level.