DThang Gz, a Bronx native, redefined the local drill scene, drawing inspiration from Midwest influences and infusing his sound with youthful energy and Bronx-specific lingo. With his crew, including Bando Gz and T Dot, he propelled Bronx drill into the spotlight, earning millions of views with hits like "Caution." DThang's distinct higher pitch and playful flow captivate listeners, evident in his rapid rise to stardom with tracks like "Talk Facts" and "Gzz Box." Despite a brief hiatus due to legal issues, he returned stronger, supported by mentor French Montana and the Bronx drill community. With his recent releases, like "Smoochie Valentine" and "Lose It (Freestyle)," gaining millions of views, DThang Gz is poised for continued success, fueled by his unwavering talent and determination to seize his second chance.