Forrest Frank

Forrest Frank, a Texas native, found himself at a creative crossroads last summer, craving the freedom to make music just for himself again. Crafting his project "Effortless" with a group of friends in a cliffside Airbnb in northern California, Forrest's music embodies urgent, joyous escapism. Drawing from ten years of honing his craft, his project reflects lyrical introspection, musical confidence, and thrilling beats. Influenced by chillwave and ‘90s dance legends, Forrest aims to make music that feels good and encourages listeners to be themselves. After a chance encounter in college inspired his unshakable drive, Forrest pursued music full-time, finding success with SURFACES and releasing his solo album "Warm" in 2018. With more music on the way, including collaborations with Sir Elton John and new solo songs, Forrest's creative wave shows no signs of stopping.