Hailey Knox

Hailey Knox, a versatile singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based in Los Angeles, channels her creativity into raw and emotional anthems. With millions of streams and acclaim from outlets like DIY and American Songwriter, Hailey's music reflects her truth through gentle acoustic strumming, dynamic beats, and soulful vocals. Learning guitar at a young age and overcoming shyness, she honed her craft through early performances and social media videos. Launching her solo career in 2016, Hailey supported Charlie Puth on tour and gained traction with solo singles like "Gucci Prada Balenciaga" and "Future Me." Signing to 10K Projects in 2023, Hailey continues to explore new sounds and push genre boundaries, exemplified in tracks like "Double Tragedy," showcasing her soaring vocals and honest lyricism. Through her music, Hailey aims to connect with listeners on a deeper level, sharing the love and care she puts into every song.