Jessica Baio

Whether she’s behind the steering wheel of her car on social media, on a microphone in the studio, or in front of a live audience, Jessica Baio puts her whole life on display in her songs. The California-born and Utah-based singer, songwriter, and performer shares herself and her experiences without filter. Over a pop soundtrack spiked with flickers of emotion and attitude, she explores the intricacies of relationships, mental health, and everything in between. Listening to her resembles the most candid conversation you’ve had with your best friend where no subject is off limits and tears and laughs are equally welcome. And her social media furthers that theme, sharing personal moments of everyday life while connecting directly with fans in the comments reaching nearly 70 million likes on TikTok alone. Now, after generating 100 million streams and building an audience of millions, she holds nothing back on her 2024 petals EP [10K Projects] with more to come.