Journey Montana

Journey Montana, hailing from Harlem, lays her emotions bare in her music, crafting anthems that resonate with raw honesty. At just 19, she made waves with her breakout single "Bad Decisions," blending seductive vocals with a story of heartbreak turned vindictive. Her songs, like "212" and "Vendetta," showcase her sultry style and lyrical confidence. Journey's journey into music began early, with her innate vocal talent catching attention as a baby. Despite initial shyness, she found her voice on stage, inspired by artists like Drake and Etta James. Relocating to Atlanta in middle school, she honed her skills and released her debut project, "In and Out," in 2021. With the viral success of "Bad Decisions" and a record deal with 10K Projects, Journey aims to empower her fans, particularly young Black girls, with her emotive music. She sees her music as a conduit for feelings, aiming to touch every emotion before her time is up.