Kenzo Balla

Kenzo Balla, a Bronx artist, brings the raw energy of New York street rap to his music, delivering icy bars over drill beats with his collaborators TG Crippy and Jay Da Chaser. Tracks like "OOTAZ" showcase his unfiltered aggression and draw listeners with their relentless energy. Raised on a mix of R&B and rap, Kenzo found inspiration in the self-presentation of artists like Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne. Growing up in the Bronx exposed him to both camaraderie and conflict, motivating him to pursue music as a way out. After recording his first songs in 2018, Kenzo gained momentum with each release, culminating in his anthem "5th to the Sev," which garnered 1 million YouTube views. Signing with 10K Projects alongside his brother Crippy, Kenzo aims to explore different musical genres while staying true to his Bronx roots. With his growing fan base and evolving sound, he sees his success as a testament to his upbringing and is determined to represent his neighborhood and city through his music.