Pressure 9x19

Pressure 9x19, aka Jam Daniel Ortiz Caraballo, is a 23-year-old Puerto Rican rapper from San Juan, making waves in the Latin trap scene. Known for tracks like "VVS Switch," "Asesinato," and "El Rey De La Rapidas," his unique cadence and style captivate audiences. Recently gaining traction on TikTok and seeding pages, his breakout hit "VVS Switch" has sparked a resurgence in Latin trap. The remix featuring Anuel AA, Yovngchimi, Luar La L, Hades 66, and CDobleta garnered 2 million views within 14 hours, solidifying his position in the Latin Urban scene. With a growing fanbase and magnetic presence, Pressure 9x19 is set for continued success and influence.