Rich Amiri

Rich Amiri brings a unique blend of hypnotic melodies and raw lyricism to the burgeoning plugg&B subgenre. Despite his recent emergence, his voice stands out distinctly, drawing comparisons to soulful crooners within the rap scene. His EP "Chase" showcases his versatility, seamlessly transitioning from introspective tracks like "J10" to more aggressive cuts like "Never Fail." Raised in Boston but connected to a global community through the internet, Amiri's influences range from SoundCloud pioneers to contemporary rap and R&B artists. His DIY ethos is evident in his early recordings and his savvy use of platforms like TikTok to promote his music. Now aligned with 10K Projects, Amiri remains committed to staying true to himself while steadily building his fan base. With millions of streams already under his belt, he continues to impress with his prolific output and discerning ear for beats. As he ascends in the industry, Amiri remains grounded, trusting his instincts and letting the music speak for itself.