Sxmpra, the enigmatic phonk rapper, emerged in 2018 from Hamilton, New Zealand, with a childhood spent moving between small towns in New Zealand and Australia. Influenced by underground rap and nu-metal discovered through the internet, he blends rap and rock elements in his music, drawing inspiration from acts like Odd Future, Denzel Curry, and Three Six Mafia. Starting his music journey on Soundcloud, he used basic equipment like an XBox headset and Audacity software, crafting tracks to fill the gaps he noticed in the music scene. After catching the attention of American rapper [insert name], Sxmpra began gaining international recognition. His track "COWBELL WARRIOR!" has amassed nearly 30 million streams on Spotify, establishing him as New Zealand's fastest streaming rapper. While initially pursuing a career in film, Sxmpra's background influences his gothic aesthetics, evident in his music videos.