10k Together internship program

Launched in June 2020, 10K Together is a division of our company dedicated to supporting social justice causes related to race, gender, sexuality, disability, economic status, and more. This initiative will begin by empowering the Black community, both within and outside of the music industry. Over the next 5 years, 10K Together has pledged $500,000 to making a sustained impact in three distinct ways:

About the Internship Program

10k Together is on a mission to uplift the black community and black creatives within Los
Angeles by facilitating more opportunities for people of color within the music industry.

We’re now accepting applicants for a paid internship which will commence fall 2020.
Each intern will learn the inner workings of a record label and gain real world experience in the
music business. We’d like to create an environment for today’s youth to be informed about the
possible career paths in the music business, and help them to realize their talents and interests.
Each intern will spend time observing, learning, and working in each department at our
company. To further expand their horizons and ignite their passion, our interns will have the
opportunity to visit our distribution and marketing partners located in Hollywood at the Capitol

Since a college degree isn’t required to be successful in the music industry, we’re not limiting
our program to college students. Our program is open to high school graduates who are
interested in the music business and working toward their goals.

This program will provide black youth with the knowledge and relationships needed to build a
promising career in music. We’re excited to nurturer the next generation of moguls, super
managers, and executives.



Bringing Awareness to The Program

Post Internship Follow-up